These cases often involve tax fraud, securities fraud, and Medicaid fraud, to name a few. The clients in these cases are oftentimes professionals who never dreamed they would ever be involved in the criminal justice system. Sometimes the client’s first thought is to hire the most expensive lawyer at a large, many times civil law firm. There are solid civil firms in the Austin area as well as Houston and Dallas. The challenge is that oftentimes, the larger firms do not have that much experience in Federal Court on the criminal side. There is a lot to be said about being present on the criminal side of the bar in Federal Court and working with other criminal practitioners, to be able to know the value of the case, know how juries look at the cases, and know what the Judges and prosecutors are really seeking in terms of arguments and information. In the event extensive document review is needed in these cases, we can always employ civil practitioners to conduct that document review. However, the ones you ultimately want to trust with a criminal case, in the end, are criminal practitioners.