As with White Collar Cases, these cases often bring people into the criminal justice system for their first time ever. The person is often in jail for their first time, they are tired, and just want out. These cases have become extremely political, and prosecutors in some jurisdictions draw arbitrary lines in the sand as to what first time offenses they are willing to reduce and which ones they will not based on criteria such as: was there a collision, the alcohol level of the person’s blood or breath, and whether or not the person refused to provide a blood or breath sample.

The fact is that as these cases have become more and more hot-button political issues with groups like MADD supporting prosecutors behind the scenes, so too law enforcement has become overzealous and frankly sloppy in their decision-making to arrest in these cases. There are many angles to attack a DWI, however, the first thing to realize is that you have only 15 days from the date of arrest to challenge the suspension of your license with the Texas Department of Public Safety. Elizabeth Resendez is the attorney in our office who will put you at ease, allowing you to have the confidence in knowing she will arrange for a hearing for your license suspension, will have back-up plan if your license is suspended so you may drive with an occupational license, will fight to ensure justice is done in your case, and will meticulously review your DWI video to look for every angle to combat the case. These cases are always reviewed looking to minimize your criminal record and to lessen the impact on your driver’s license.